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Sceptile, to my knowledge, is incapable of learning Night Slash.

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Q: What level does sceptile learn night slash?
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What level does Sceptile learn night slash in sapphire?

Sorry But Treeko Starts Of With Night Slash So At Level One But You Can Go Fishing Near Evergrande City And Catch Some Luvdisk With A Heart Scale Attached To It Then Go To Lavaridge City And Give A Guy a Heart Scale And Then He Can Reteach Sceptile Night Slash.

What level does absol learn night slash?

Absol learns the move Night Slash at level 41. Absol also learns the Psychic type version of Night Slash called Psycho Cut at level 47.

Which should be a TM Slash or Night Slash?

I think night slash because more Pokemon can learn slash but few can learn night slash if it weren't a TM

What level does Scyther learn Night Slash on Pokemon Platinum Version?


What level can gallade learn night slash?

Gallade can learn night slash, but not by level up. To teach Gallade night slash the player most go to Pastoria city and go to the south part of the city then go into the house at the top right of the southern part of the city. There is a guy who can teach Gallade night slash for a heart scale and all other moves it learns before that. I hope that helped!

What level does blaziken learn slash?

Blaziken learns Slash at level 42.

What level does sand slash learn slash?


When does blazican learn slash?

he learns slash on level 42.

Pokemon LeafGreen what level does Charmeleon learn slash?

It learns slash at level 28 I think

What level does dugtrio learn slash?

The move slash is learned at level 38.Hope this helps.

When does tranquill learn air slash?

Tranquill learns air slash at level 32

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