How rare is Exodia?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The five pieces of Exodia came as Ultra Rare in the Legend of Blue-Eyes booster pack. Konami later released Exodia again in a later pack, but changed the rareness of Exodia's appendexs to common, so that players could attain the pieces more easily (Exodia the Forbidden one [the head] was still released as Ultra Rare).

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Q: How rare is Exodia?
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Who is Exodia The Forbiden One?

Exodia The Forbiden one is a limited cardit basicly 5 cards(left arm of exodia right arm of exodia left foot of exodia right foot of exodia and exodia the for forbiden one or exodia head)haveing all five card in hand is automanic win the head is ultra rare and the 4 other body parts are common(even thogh they arnt)

Is Exodia Necross better the Exodia?

Regular exodia is better in my opinion

How rare are the five pieces of exodia?

they are very rare but it depends how shiny they are i saw the 5 pieces once for sale for over 500$ but i have seen a shop selling them for £30

Exodia can be defeated by Mewtwo?

No Exodia in a battle with mewtwo it´s a draw with arceus Exodia lose

What booster pack contain exodia?

Exodia the Forbidden One and all of it's parts can be found in the booster deck Legend of the Blue Eyes White Dragon. Exodia himself's code is LOB-124. I cannot garuntee, hoiwever, that the pack you buy shall contain the cards. I just know that these can be found in this pack, and intheir Ultra Rare form.

What other types of Exodia exist?

There are the five '...the Forbidden One' cards. There is a full set in ultra rare in LOB, an ultra rare head and common/rare limbs in Dark Beginnings Vol1, Retro Pack 1 and Dark Legends, the head has two additional printings in Master Collection 1 and in the game Dark Duel Stories, and lastly a full set is available in secret rare, in the Ultimate Beginner's Pack 1. Next to be releases was Exodia Necross, ultra rare in Dark Crisis, it has had a super rare reprint in DR1. Structure deck 7, Invincible Fortress gave another Exodia card in the form of his ultimate defence aspect, 'Exxod, Master of the Guard'. Lastly came 'Exodius the Ultimate Forbidden Lord' came out in the pages of Shonen Jump Magazine. It is ultimate rare.

Who is stronger the egiptiyan gods or exodia?

The god cards are stronger than Exodia

What deck is exodia in?

No starter deck or structure deck has every exodia card

What would be a reasonable price for the five pieces of exodia?

5. Right arm of the forbidden one, left arm of the forbidden one, right leg of the forbidden one, left leg of the forbidden one, and exodia the forbidden one. Also exodia the forbidden one card gets powered up by every body part! If you don't believe me check it up on the yugioh wiki.

Is exodia stronger than the god cards?

No. The god cards are stronger than Exodia.

How many ATK points does Exodia have?

'Exodia the Forbidden One' has 1000 attack points.

Is Exodia the Dark Master real?

No, there is no authentic card called "Exodia the Dark Master".