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Q: How old is goku by the end of Dragon Ball Z?
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What episode in dragon ball that vegeta yells at goku for offering bulma to some old guy?

Dragon Ball Z episode 263

What happened at the end of Dragon Ball Z?

at the end of Dragon Ball Z goku is 46 years old and it's many years after the majin buu saga. gohan and videl have gotten married and have a daughter called pan. its time again for the world martian arts tournament where goku faces majin buu's pure hearted reincarnation, Uub at the end of their short but intense battle goku dicides to train Uub so that their would be a protector of the earth when goku is gone

How old is Goku when he meets Goku Jr.?

well i would say never because there is no one names that, unless your talking about the first episode of dragon ball gt when emporer ( how ever you spell it) pilaf gets the black star dragon balls and accedintaly wishes for goku to become a kid again. trust me I'm a 13 year old dragon ball, dragon ball z, & dragon ball gt NERD. Actually, in the final episode of GT, it shows Goku Jr. fighting Vegeta Jr. in the World Martial Arts tournament. Goku Jr. meets Goku in the GT movie, "A Hero's Legacy," but Goku is just there in Goku Jr.'s mind. This means Goku was probably 48, because he's wearing his GT clothes, and he is an adult, like he was for the beginning of the first episode of GT.

How old is Goku in dragonball Kai?

The same as in Dragon ball z because it is more or less the same show.

How old is tien in dbz?

Ten is 4 years older than Goku. In Dragon Ball Z Kai, Goku is 31, so Ten is 35. Do the Math!

How old is Goku in Dragon Ball?

the start-10 after training with roshi-12 after the second tournament-16 for the third tournament-20

How old is goku from dragon ball z Kai?

in saiyan saga 23 in namek saga 24Goku was 47 when Dragonball Z ended.

How old was Goku when he died?

goku never died he went into training with shenron ,the dragon from the dragonballs.

Is there a new Dragon Ball Z series?

Yes. I dicovered 3 new series. Dragon ball af. Susha:26 Dragon ball hoshi An unknown series: i will try to find out the name. Power levels Old pan:27,000,000 Goku jr:2.7 Goku jr angry:8.3 Ss goku jr:135 Goku jr later:20 Mamba:19 Baby bear:2 Adult bear:25 Susha:26 Lord yao:47 Goku jr post training:78 Vageta jr:84 Ss vageta jr:4,200 Ss goku jr:3,900

What happens to Goku when Namek explodes?

well for all people who have watched the old series of dragon ball Z and one of those people are me first of all as i remember goku lands on a planet called planet yagret and on that planet is where the people of yagret healed goku and they teached him instant transmission and if you have any other dragon ball Z questions post it on wiki answers if answer the queston i will leave my signiture on it. :) by:AJPUGA

When did vegeta learn to fuse?

he learned to fuse in Season 9 of Dragon Ball Z. he fused with Goku using the old Kai's earings in the fight against Buu

How old was uub at end of Dragon Ball Z series?

im pretty sure 10