How old is Yugi Motou?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Yugi was born June 4 and he is 16

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Q: How old is Yugi Motou?
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How do you beat Yugi Motou in a duel?

By using any deck more recent than the First Generation

What is Yugi Moto's grandpa called?

His name is Solomon Moto ( with the last name you could spell it like this Motou

Does yugi motou have marshmallon Yu-Gi-Oh card?

Well, regular Yugi has it. Yami Yugi (Atem in the manga) does not. And in Yu-Gi-Oh reverse of arcadia (the 2010 one), Herald of Green light uses it a lot.

How old is yugi muto?

In the beginning of the anime series "Yu-Gi-Oh!" , Yugi Moto is about 15 years old. By the time it ends, Yugi is 16 years old.

How old is yugi after fifth season?

Yugi is about 27 10 years later (after season 5)

What are the names of all the characters from Yu-Gi-Oh?

Well idk all the characters names, but here are the main characters names for the series:Yugioh: Yugi Motou, Yami Yugi, Katsuya Jonouchi(Joey Wheeler), Anzu Mazaki(Tea Gardner), Hiroto Honda(Tristian Taylor), and Seto Kaiba.This is just for the Dual monsters series, I don't know if you want any of the other series, but if you do I will update.

In Yu-Gi-Oh How old is yugi moto now?

36 years old here is my proof yugi was apparently 15 in the normal yu gi oh and that was in the year 2000 in episode 74 of 5d's it shows that it is the year 2021 so yugi is 36

Who is better yugi or yusei?

yusei is better than yugi moto, but yami yugi is better than yusei.

Who is better jaden or yugi?


Where is yami yugi on yugi oh nightmare troubadour?

You just find him randomlly sometime's it will be Yugi moto sometime's Yami yugi

How old is Yugi Moto's grandpa?

According to the GX series, during the Sartorius saga, Yugi's Grandfather was 94 years old. GX takes place about 10 years after the Yu-Gi-Oh! series, so by the end of that he was roughly 84 years old.

Yugi Vs Jaden who won?