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There are all ages everyone play Video Games.

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Q: How old are people who play video games?
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What can a 17 yr. old do?

play video games.

Why would an old man have a ps2?

People of all ages play video games and many have the income to have a number of different consoles and games

How many video games are available for Play Station 3?

There are hundreds of video games that are available for the PS3. You can even play your old PS2 games on it and play Blu-ray or DVDs.

Can people with Littlebigplanet play against people with Littlebigplanet 2?

No video game seldom exist that can allow people with newer games to play against the older games and of course the old games would not even have the information of the new game

What to play with a 12 year old?

maybe... video games?

Is it crazy for an 18 year old to play video games?

depends what games your playing

Can a 18 year old still play video games?


What is a fun worksheets for a 10 year old can do?

play video games..

How long do thirteen year old play video games?


What games do Philippine people play?

the types of games they play are old. like galaga

What Video games did people play in the twentith century?

People in the eighties played pong, asteroids, and other arcade games. In the nineties, people played old NES games such as Mario 1,2, and 3; Zelda 1 and 2; tetris; and duck hunt.

What video game console has the most video games?

the wii, saying that you can also download old/unreleased video games. Plus, if you have facebook, you can play games on that while on your wii if your wii is connected to the Internet and you have the Internet channel.