How much xp till level 98 wc?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Level 98-99 woodcutting is about 1.2 million xp.

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Q: How much xp till level 98 wc?
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How long does it take to get 99 wc?

It all depends on what method of training you use.From level 30 it will take 192905 willow logs to 99.From level 60 it will take 72919 yew log to 99.From level 75 it will take 47297 magic logs to 99.

Is Yu-Gi-Oh wc 2007 the same as Yu-Gi-Oh wc 2008?

no their are diffrent people

How do you unlock tag duels in wc?

if you are talking about wc 2009 then play story mode up to where blister Luna and Leo teach you about td it should now be unlocked

How do you unlock the Crystal Beast booster pack in WC 2008?

To unlock the booster pack The 7 Crystals which contains Crystal Beasts, you must defeat each spirit in the World of Order five times. This is only counting the spirits in the upper level, not the dark, lower level unlocked after beating "Cloudian - Poison Cloud".

How much do regular logs sell for at the lowest price in runescape?

just go to the grand exchange and keep on pressing the minus button under the price till it doesent go any lower and that's your price i know they sell for more than oak though so the normal price is over 32 gp each but anyway the harder it is to cut something till you get to yews the cheaper it is its weird but trust me normal logs go for more than oak and and oak go for more than willow just put your logs up for normal price they should sell withing a min probobly if that doesnt work then get your wc to 15 and cut oaks cause i know that oaks sell fast that was my first money making stradegy. if its money your looking for the best way id say is to kill cows and sell their hides which is 100gp a peice. if your really in to wc(wood cutting) then just cut your way till your lvl 60 which im still working on im at like 52 but theres a lot of oaks near entrance of varrock left of the black or dark wizards (i forget what their called) and there is a crowded place for willows in draynor west of the bank there, which is where i deposite them if your having troubles with that one just look for a huge group of ppl cutting willow trees if that doesent work then ask ppl where the willow cutting place is near by it takes like 10 seconds to get to from the bank in draynor but anyway your going to have to go from lvl 30 wc to 60wc just by cutting willow.

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How much xp is between 98 and 99 woodcuttingand not from 1 and 99?

It is around 1.2milxp -99 wc

How long will it take to lvl from 98 to 99 wc?

Longer than it took you from level 1 to level 90. Once you reach level 92, you have approximately half the experience required to reach level 99. Every 7 level, the amount of required experience doubles, approximately.

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What level is slash6898 in rs?

level 76 as of 4-13-09 and has a lvl 99 wc and 99 summoning noob

What nicknames does WC go by?

WC goes by WC (read Dub-Cee).

How do you cut a rs tree?

it depends on your woodcutting (wc) level. If your 1 buy a bronze hatchet and click on a regular tree. Once your wc ggets higher you can use bettter hatchets and cut better trees

Who is wc banerjee?

wc banerjee was a modreates

How much money do you make a hour from chopping magic trees at level 99 woodcutting on runescape?

I'm 99 wc and I like to chop magic trees, I make around 140k per hr.

Who won the World Cup in2000?

There was no world cup in 2000, world cups occur every 4 years. Being that there were WC's held in 98 and 02, this is impossible.

What if you don't have the WC for Pokemon Pearl?

if you dont have WC for pearl,its not much of a cannot go to the GTS,or battle with wi-fi in the battle can still go on with the game.

How long will it take cutting yews on runescape?

Yews are good for training, but the time it take to cut depends on your wc level.

What is a WC?

Water closet. Winston Churchill. In tennis, wc stand for Wild card.