How much xp is level 99 in rune scape?

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2012-07-29 11:08:35

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for all skills you need approximately 13034431 xp for lvl 99...

half way is about lvl 92

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2012-07-29 11:08:35
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Q: How much xp is level 99 in rune scape?
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What is the highest level you can get in Rune Scape?

138 in combat. 99 in skills.

What is the hardest skill to get 99 in rune scape?

the hardest skill to get to 99 on runescape is hunter.

Who is the strongest go in rune scape?

the strongest person in rune scape is probabley a guy named yogosun and aparentley he has all skills at level 99 as well... isnt Jagex the strongest?...i mean, you can get to the same spot as him, but you can NEVER be better than jagex... you know, because they are the creators...

How do you get to level 99 in rune scape?

This is a simple, yet very long and hard thing to do. Just keep working at it. It will take a looong time, but don't get discouraged!

What is the best monster to train on rune scape for a level 100 combat with 99 combat?

Lester demons are good and black demons. the both give good drops.

In the online game rune scape does your first cape ever get trimmed?

Yes, it gets trimmed after you get a 2nd 99 skill

Who loves rune scape Hunter Benz dose he is a lv 138 he has all 99 stats he is awesome it is a freakin account?


How do you get millions of things on rune scape like diamonds and money?

If you have high level in a skill then u can make millions easily like if u have 99 fishing, then u can fish shark for money. Just start training till you get 99. Merchanting is other option but it is risky

How long does it take from 94 to 99 cooking in rune scape?

is u have loads of money u can get 2 it within 2 weeks but if not and u fish all of it takes about ,just over month.(probs)

What is the code for 99 mill Zach scape?


How many air battle staffs do you need to make fro 66 to 99 crafting on rune scape?

Just combining the charged orb and staff = 91,187 Making the glass orb (charging it) and combining with staff = 59,706

How much do you make from 99 Runecrafting?

Well, first I don't know if you're talking about money, or runes, so I'll explain both. At level 99 Runescrfting, you can make 10 air runes per rune essence. Just below that, you can make 8 mind runes per rune essence. Now, money. Each air rune is worth around 9 to 13 gp. So if you get a full inventory or rune essence (28) you will get 280 air runes. Times that by the average price or air runes (11gp), you will get around 3080 gp. Not much. You're better off making 2 natures per rune essence. You can do that at level 95 Runecrafting.

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