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If there aren't any accessories included with the game, then it will probably cost the same as any ordinary DS game.

The games will likely cost $39.99 like most new Pokemon games. Start saving your allowance!

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Q: How much will Pokemon black cost for the ds?
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How much will Pokemon Black cost including the with the ds?

Nintendo DS Lite Handheld Console --- $197 Nintendo DSi --- $248 Nintendo 3DS --- $248 Pokemon Black or White --- $47 (big W) Pokemon Black or White --- $58 (Game) Pokemon Black or White --- $68 (EB Games)

What is the cheapest Pokemon game on DS?

They all cost the $30 except Black and White which cost $35.

How much will Pokemon Black cost?

But every other Pokemon game on the DS has been $70, and almost never drops. And pre-owned ones are only $5 cheaper.

Can Pokemon white and black be on psp or ps2?

No. Pokemon black/white is only for ds and ds lite.

How much would a used version of Pokemon Emerald cost for the-Nintendo-ds?

emerald is not for the DS it is for the Gameboy It would be $30.00

Will Pokemon Black and White come out on ds?

Yes, it is on the DS.

What is the next Pokemon game for ds?

It is Pokemon black and white

Can you use Pokemon black and Pokemon White on the ds?


Does Pokemon Black need the 3DS?

no ds

Does pokemon black only work on the ninendo 3DS?

Pokemon Black is a regular DS game and will work in any DS, DSi or 3DS model.

What do you need to do to tranferr my pokemon to Pokemon Black?

To transfer Pokemon to Pokemon Black you need... 1) A DS Series Game (D, P, HG, SS, Platinum) 2) Two Nintendo DS Systems 3) Your Pokemon Black Game

How do you use the relocter on Pokemon Black?

To use the relocator in Pokemon black you must have: -Another Pokemon DS game other than Pokemon black or white -one of these event Pokemon on that game(which were ds download at Gamestop) -Shiny suicune, raiku, or entei -Celebii -And another ds Now put the ds with the other ds game on ds download while on Pokemon black go to the title screen and scroll to the bottom until you see relocator. when they connect you should be able to transfer THOSE EVENT POKEMON ONLY hope i helped