How much ram does a ps3 have?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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256mb system (XDR) and 256mb video (GDDR3)

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Q: How much ram does a ps3 have?
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How much of prosser and ram and graphics nees for ps3 games to play on PC?

PS3 games will not work on a PC.

Is it possible to use a USB memory stick as extra RAM when running Linux on the PS3?

No. All RAM has to run at the same speed. The USB bus is much slower than the memory bus inside.

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How much is A ps3 in Trinidad Tobago?

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How good is the PS3 slim?

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How much is a PS3 slim worth?

It depends on how much memory your ps3 has. It also depends on what condition it is in.

How much does a PS3 cost that is new?

PS3 slim with 160G is $299.00

Which gets hotter PS3 or PS3 slim?

The Fat PS3 uses more power than the Slim PS3 and will run much hotter

how much RAM does the iPhone have?

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Is Dead Island better on ps3 or PC?

This depends! This game is a first person shooter so are you used to playing it on ps3 or on a pc! most people are used to playing on a ps3! I recommend it for ps3 because it is faster weather if you had a pc it could be slow or not have enough ram! weather on a ps3 its faster. Ps3 if newer so it runs faster and better! So i suggest going for ps3! I went through this when i was getting dead island but i chose ps3 and i have to say it was a great choice