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32, but you can talk to the same person each time by repeatedly going in and out of the underground.

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Q: How much people do you have to talk to to catch Spiritomb?
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Do you have to talk to another 32 people to be able to catch another Spiritomb?

yes you do

How do you catch a spiritomb in Pokemon diamond?

talk to 10 different people under ground nexto spiritombs stone

How do you catch shaymin without action replay?

do what to do to catch spiritomb but instead of 32 talk to 50 people in the underground and go to the hallowed tower with the odd keystone in it and it will be a lvl 100 shaymin instead of a lvl 50 spiritomb.

Where do you catch Spirtomb in Pokemon Diamond?

to catch spiritomb you have to talk to 32 people in the underground and the go south of solaceon town and the odd keystone which is near the sea spiritonb will apear

How do you catch a spiritomb on diamond?

Get an odd key stone go to the Hallowed tower put the odd key stone in it then go under ground and talk to 32 people (Any one) come up and a spiritomb should pop out and battle you.

How do you get spritomb in Pokemon pearl?

Talk to 32 people underground and mine for an Odd Keystone. South of Soleacon Town put the Odd Keystone in the Altar. Then, catch your Spiritomb!

Where in the lost tower is Spiritomb?

its not there you have to talk to 29 people underground to get a battle with it and it is not worth it.If Snorlax use earthquake spiritomb is OHKO

What Pokemon can you catch in the lost tower?

Mostly Zubat and Gastly. But i think you can also get Spiritomb if you go underground and talk to 29 people (Not including Hikers) Good luck trainers!

How do you get spititomb in platinum?

You have to have an odd keystone, go underground, and talk to at least 32 people down there (it can be the same person, but each time you talk to him/her, they will have to go back to the surface, come back down, and talk again to count as 2). Once you have done that, there should be a spiritomb rock in the southern part of the route south of Solaceon town (where the daycare couple are). Use the odd keystone on it, and you will be able to catch spiritomb. Note: if you fail to catch it, you will have to talk to 32 more people underground and get another odd keystone.

How do you catch shiny Spiritomb?

You must first place the Odd Keystone in the Hallowed Tower. Then you must meet 30 different people in the Underground. Afterwards, a Spiritomb should appear at the Hallowed Tower. Save in front of it and talk to it. If it is not shiny, then keep reseting your game until it is.

Is there a secret in the solaceon ruins?

Sort of, it's where you catch spiritomb. If you find the Odd Keystone, then you use it on the ruins you have to go under ground. Once done, you have to talk to 32 or 42 same or different people. (in the game of course!) GO back to the ruins and a wild spiritomb will appear

When does a noctowl evolve in Pokemon platinum?

if you mean spiritomb a noctowl does,nt evolve. you get spiritomb at the broken tower when you talk to 35 people underground trust me.