How much memory is on the PSP?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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the psp really doesnt have an internal memory. you can buy memory cards for it and it can go up to 16GB on a memory card. you can just look on eBay

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Q: How much memory is on the PSP?
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How much memory does a PSP have?

The psp 1000 has 32mb of internal memory while the 2000/3000 has 64mb.

How much memory is on the PSP Go?


How much per memory stick for psp?


Is the memory of the slim PSP and the fat PSP the same?

it depends on your memory stick i have a 2gb. i dont think the psp has internal memory. UNLESS THE PSP GO. that has internal memory

How many pictures will a psp hold?

depends on much memory is on the memory stick and the size of the pictures.

Can you buy more memory for your PSP?

Yes you can buy memory for your PSP.

How much of difference in loading time between psp 1000 and psp slim lite?

All depends on how much memory is used but the psp slim is just a bit faster

Is there a psp emulator for the ds?

no it would take too much memory to do that

How many songs can a silver psp hold?

Depends on how much memory your memory stick has and how long the song is.

Can you play psp games with out a memory stick?

Yes, you can play PSP games without a memory stick. However, if you're playing games from PSP UMD's (little PSP games in cases). If you want to play games saved in your PSP's hard drive, then no. So, pretty much by UMD, you can play games without a memory stick in your PSP, but you'll be unable to save.

Can a PS vita memory stick fit in a pspgo?

No but it can download many Games,the flaw of the psp go was that it cant play the UMBs psp original could

Why does your PSP say not enough memory?

Your psp says not enough memory when your psp doesn't have enough memory to handle whatever it's doing at the moment.