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Yes, you can play PSP games without a memory stick. However, if you're playing games from PSP UMD's (little PSP games in cases). If you want to play games saved in your PSP's hard drive, then no. So, pretty much by UMD, you can play games without a memory stick in your PSP, but you'll be unable to save.

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Q: Can you play psp games with out a memory stick?
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Fifa 2010 for psp can play with monery stick?

All psp games can be used with a memory stick. The memory stick saves your progress on your games. You can buy a memory stick from wal-mart for about 10 or 20 dollars.

What is the model of psp in which we can play games using memory stick?

That is the PSPgo

How do you get ps3 games move them and download them into psp memory stick?

No you get PSP games on your PS3 at the PlayStation Store and then you move them to the PSP. The PSP will not play PS3 games, but the PS3 can download and store the PSP games and not play them

How can you play game on psp withuot a memory stick?

In general, PSP games do not 'need' a memory stick for you to be able to play them, but they do need it to store saved game data as the PSP itself has no inbuilt space for that function.

How can you play games in your memory stick dou in your Playstation portable?

Any game you download from the PSN will go onto your Memory Stick. To play them, select memory stick from the PSP's menu bar, the games will be shown there.

What is different from the PSP to the PSP go?

psp go is smaller has internal memory of 16 GB and requires no umds to play games normal psp is bigger requires a memory stick and uses umds to play games see the difference now?

Can you download video on memory stick?

At pspiso, you can download isos and csos. You need a custom firmware to play them. ( After you get ur firmware, put the isos, or csos, in an iso folder on your memory stick

How can you download psp games to your psp 3000's memory stick 6.30 firmware and play?

You can access the PlayStation Network from the PSP's menu bar. Here you can purchase games and download them to play.

How do you transfer one PSP game from a PSP to another PSP?

You can copy games from one PSP memory stick to computer and then copy to another PSP's memory stick. Make sure you put the game on the folder 'GAME' on the memory stick.

What should you do. Your psp memory stick didn't come with any files what files do you need?

Nothing. The memory stick is for you and the PSP to store data on. All the PSP's system files, the firmware, is coded into its internal memory. You will need your PSP to format the stick, and after that it will be able to save games, or you could load music onto it for the PSP to play, etc.

Can you play games in PSP without a UMD?

yes by buying it on the PlayStation network and putting it on the memory stick

Can you install games for psp 3004?

You can download demos from the PSN. As for downloading games to your memory stick, there is currently no way to play them.