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have no idea

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Q: How much land does the forest take up?
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How much land does the Amazon rain forest take-up?

have no idea

How much land does the bottle nose dolphin take up?

They're aquatic, so they don't take up any land.

How much land do plateaus take up?


How much land does Mount Vesuvius take up?


How much time need to burn the forest up?

It matters how big the forest is and i think it also matters how you catch it or it catches on fire. like a giant forest might take two hours to burn up while a small forset can take a hour to burn up.

How much of the land does the dairy belt take up?

200 acres

How much land does Africa take up in percentage?

It is a very large continent.

How much land mass do Canadian National Parks take up?

a lot

How much percentage of the earth does Europe take up?

europes land persantage

What did settlers have to do in order to farm the backcountry?

Settlers had to break up ground and clear timber in order to farm the backcountry. Much of the land was in forest.

How much room does a wind turbine take up?

one hundred wind turbines take up one kilometre of land

How much land did the world trade center take up?

23 acres of land bro :D Ur welcome