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About 4GB

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Q: How much space does Dawn of War take up on your computer?
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How much space does club penguin money maker take to download?

If it's a virus related then it will take up alot of space, but if it's fairly safe then it won't take up much room. If your computer blocks it, then it is probably dangerous to your laptop or computer.

How much space does Slender take up on the computer?

it takes about 15cm3 inside your computer case, xoxo add me on facebook micah barr

How much space does game maker 7 take up on my computer?

It takes about -- 9.83 MB (10,318,162 bytes) At least that's what my computer says.

How much time do all the patches take to update on World of Warcraft?

Depending on how much downloading space you have, and how fast your computer runs, it should ruffly take about an hour.

How much space does combat arms take on your computer?

Once installed it takes 3.14 gigabytes... not including he installation file.

How much space on a computer does downloading Fusionfall take?

Which fusin fall the one i think you are talking about takes 3.5 gig bites on the computer under app data.

Does Minecraft take up space?

Minecraft does take up space on your computer, Like almost all games.

How do you take Screenshots in Dawn of War?

To take screenshots in Dawn of War, press the button on the keyboard that says "Prt Scr". I think the game saves these screenshots in a folder called 'Screenshots' in the game's program folder (C:\Program Files). I say 'I think' because my computer only does this for Dawn of War: Dark Crusade and Dawn of War: Soulstorm, but my computer's crashed 6 times so I'm not sure if your computer does the same.

How much space does Age of Empires take up on a computer?

AOEIII complete edition takes 3.98 GB on hard disk.

Do shortcuts on your computer take up disk space on your computer?

Yes, but an insignificant amount.

Can you have the sims 2 and expansion packs and the sims 3 downloaded on your computer at the same time?

yes! well it depends on how much space you have on your computer, but if it can take it then yes you can have them installed at the same time

What is the size of cheat engine 6.1?

The size of Cheat Engine 6.1 is 23.6MB. So it should'nt take any much space on your computer ;)