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For drops, RuneScape doesn't count how many of each monster you kill. Instead, every time you kill a certain monster, there is a random chance of getting a drop. For some items, the chance (the probability) is greater, for some it is less.

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Q: How much kills does it take to get holy elixir from tormented wraith in runescape?
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How do you get a whip on RuneScape?

There are a number of ways to get a Whip in Runescape. The first is to buy it from the Grand Exchange, price is currently 1M. Second is to get it as a drop from another player in PvP, or buy it from someone. Third is to achieve 85 slayer, once you have this go to the slayer tower in the Canifis(check runescape world map for directions) They aren't that rare of a drop, although you definitely wont get one every kill. It could take 100-1000 kills to get one, its all chance.

What are the deathstreaks rewards in MW2 miltiplayer?

3 Kills -- Spy Plane3 Kills -- RC-XD (RC bomb)4 Kills -- Counter Spy Plane4 Kills -- SAM Turret5 Kills -- Care Package5 Kills -- Napalm Strike6 Kills -- Sentry Gun6 Kills -- Mortar Team7 Kills -- Attack Helicopter7 Kills -- Valkyrie Rockets8 Kills -- Blackbird8 Kills -- "Rolling Thunder"9 Kills -- Chopper Gunner11 Kills -- Attack Dogs11 Kills -- Gunshipps using the perk hard line will let you get all these for 1 less kill

Who has the most kills in roblox Base Wars The land?

The top 10 players in Roblox base wars made by D4rk886. Are 1. Bax5150 154,000 kills 2. Terpbiker 124,000 kills 3. Mj10 81,000 kills 4. JamesF013 78,000 kills 5. HMSHood22 77,000 kills 6. XxF35PILOTxX 73,000 kills 7.S2kJDM 68,000 kills 8.GEORGIE0430 65,000 kills 9.Darkrahne63,000 kills 10.Getaoutamyway 62,000 kills.

In Modern Warfare 2 What levels are killstreak rewards unlocked at?

You unlock customizable killstreaks at level 10 and every about 5-6 levels you can unlock a different one. The killstreaks are: 3 Kills - UAV 4 Kills - Counter-UAV or Care Package 5 Kills - Sentry Gun or Predator Missile 6 Kills - Precision Airstrike 7 Kills - Harrier Strike or Attack Helicopter 8 Kills - Emergency Airdrop 9 Kills - Pave Low or Stealth Bomber 11 Kills - AC-130 or Chopper Gunner 15 Kills - EMP 25 Kills - Tactical Nuke You can only select 3 killstreaks and you cannot have 2 killstreaks from the same number of kills.

On mw2 does the knife kills count as weapon kills?

anything used to kill can count as a kill

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How much kills does it take to get holy exlir from tormented wraith in runescape?

its a tottally random drop

Does wraith die in x-men origins?

yes, sabretooth claws him through the abdomen and kills him.

What is the definition in Harry Potter the words brew concoction draught elixir philter poison and tincture?

elixir is a life potion, poison is something that kills life.

Do you have to do desert treasure to do smoking kills in runescape?


How do you get fast black knight kills fast in runescape?

go into the fortress and get them

Why is magwic arrow the best pker in runescape?

becuz he get bout 48 kills per day...

Who do you talk to start the smokey kills quest on runescape?

To begin the Smoking Kills quest, you'll have to speak to Sumona, found in Pollivinch(sp?) in the Kharidian Desert.

How do you become a runescape chef and fisher?

Simple, Master both the Cooking and Fishing kills ( Get 99 in both ).

How many kills do you have to get for tier 4 duelist cap on runescape?

The tier 4 cap shows that the player has won 500-1999 duels.

What does coin share mean in runescape?

Lootshare is when if you are in the clan with Lootshare activated, whenever someone kills something, the rest of the clan also get a share of the Loot.

In runescape on average in the God Wars Dungeon how many kills until you will get a part of a god sword?

Average drop rates I'd say 1/32, even then that doesn't mean that they will drop something like an Arma hilt every 32 kills, it is completely random, it could even be after 79 kills until you get or you can be lucky as to get one in 5 kills or less.

How to cancel a quest on runescape?

Go to the burthorpe slayer master and get assigned one by him. You can also skip it using 30 points if you have done the "smoking kills" quest.