How much is the PSP slim?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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On there are some PSP slims that are used as a garbage can at least, $ 1 and at the most, $10

I hope This is what you guys were looking for!

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Q: How much is the PSP slim?
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Is the PSP slim better than the PSP go?

no and yes a psp slim is a verson that is not ment for traveling as much as the psp go the psp go is meant for traveling

How much of difference in loading time between psp 1000 and psp slim lite?

All depends on how much memory is used but the psp slim is just a bit faster

How much does a psp slim cost at walmart?

it is $29.88

Can you trade in a fat PSP for a slim PSP?

No but you can get money off the slim

Is the PSP slim better then the PSP original?

no it is not but psp slim is easier to break and it has got a better software.

How much does psp cost in the US?

200 for slim (2000) and ultra slim (3000) but 170 for original

What is most liked fat PSP or slim PSP?

for us guys is fat because it's 100% tougher than slim because the components of slim is much lighter than fat i guess.

How much do does a PSP cost?

here in Philippines the price is: psp slim - 10,500 and above psp fat - 8,500 and above psp go - 15,000 pesos

How much money do you get when you trade in a psp slim and lite?

36. Bucks

What is better PSP slim or PSP fat?

By far the psp slim, it was the best psp of all with the lates technology without the latest updates.

How do you know if your psp 2000 is slim?

PSP Slim's way of opening the door is you pull the door, PSP (normal) you use a switch. PSP Slim's way of turning on the Wi-Fi switch is up ontop of PSP, Normal PSP's is on the side. PSP Slim's speakers are next to buttons and Analog stick, normal PSP's are on the bottom

What is the best PSP?

sony have 5 psp psp fat,(1000) psp slim, psp lite, psp slim and lite and psp 3000. the best is psp slim and lite . and the cost $ game stop best buy and save $ 2o dollar