How much is just the wii console?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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A brand new Nintendo Wii Package will cost you $130. Although just for the box itself, there are in high supply on eBay for around $40.

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Q: How much is just the wii console?
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How much for a Wii console?

100.00 in Canada

Do you have to buy a Wii motion plus Wii remote and a Wii motion plus console?

No just Wii motion plus controller with normal wii should work There is no motion plus console

How much money does Nintendo make for every Wii console sold?

the Wii console sold is like over $10,000

How do you send people messages on the Wii?

get their number of the wii console or or as i recognized that if you have their number of the wii console and the other doesn't and if you have an email just send on your email and first go 'send to' and write a 'w' and then their wii console number and then

How do you get the Virtual Console for the Wii?

The Virtual Console isn't an actual "console," so much as a category of games that can be bought on the Wii Shop Channel. You can download games from several past consoles to play on your Wii.

How much money is a Wii console?

$110 with tax

Is the Wii U a whole new console or just a tablet touch screen device that is compatible with the wii system?

It is a whole new console.

How much does an average Wii console cost with the Wii sports game?

it comes to £180

Does your sims kingdom for Wii save to the disk or the Wii console?

Wii console.

Does the wii console itself need to be charged?

No, just the controllers! :)

Can you use Wii U games just for the Wii Console without the Wii U Gamepad?

Wii U games cannot be played on the Wii.

How much money can you get 4 your Wii console at GAME?

400$ :)