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i think it could be about £9.00 or it could be £19.00.

my sister says she paid that much for it.

hth :)

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Q: How much is it to be a Movie Star Planet vip for a month?
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How much is the VIP for Movie Star Planet?

It Depends how long but here they are1 Week: £2.501 Month: £7.003 Months: £19.991 Year: £49.99every Valentines/Christmas/Diamond VIP is always 1 year

How do you get onto different levels on Movie Star Planet?

Get autographs from people and collect as much fame as possible!

How much is Movie Star Planet membership?

It depends on how long the membership lasts, like a week is only $4, but a year is $60.

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None. A star is much larger than a planet.

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A planet cannot become a star. A star is an object that is massive enough to release energy via nuclear fusion. A planet is much less massive.

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A planet can't form into a star. Stars born from cold nebulas.

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How do you find your forum on Movie Star Planet?

They updated it so you can find the ones you did and the ones you commeted on. It's so much easier now. Hope this helped

How much does a boonie cost on Movie Star Planet?

900 starcoins, but you can earn money fast by: Being a v.i.p or Petting peoples pets, and lots more