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I am Happy to say that there is a cheat people said that there was no cheats but there's cheats 1 cheats Here it download there movie star planet Maker Which will ask u how much Fame U Want If U Pick Like for example i will pick 3000 Fame I will be Like level 15 I Guess!It will say How many Dollars or /Coins u want i have to pick Under 10,000 not like 100,000,000,000Coins So there and my name is Famous Gangz See yha

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Q: What cheats can be used get a level 18 on Movie Star Planet?
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Is there movie star planet cheats?

there is cheats, type in google, m ovie star planet cheats thank you, i hope i helped?

What is the level up cheat on Movie Star Planet?

There Ain't No Cheats! Trust Me, Using Cheats Will Just Get You Locked Out So Its Best To Earn It!

What is a cheat to get cash on Movie Star Planet?

There is no cheats.

Are there any Movie Star Planet cheats for money?


How do you get dimonds on Movie Star Planet?

you buy or get vip or cheats from websites

What are the money cheats for Movie Star Planet?

Guys This Question has no anwser xx

What is the highest level on Movie Star Planet?

Level 25.

What level is harry styles on in Movie Star Planet?

His level 2

How do you get to level 2 on Movie Star Planet?

you have to have fame

What level is Snowgirl on Movie Star Planet?

8 i tihnk

How do you level your pet up on Movie Star Planet?

play with it!

How do your get your pet a hat on Movie Star Planet?

Level it up.