How much is exodia really worth?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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it depends first series and first edition and secret rare copies in mint condition can be 20 to 30 dollars for a single piece or all for 100 dollars

the one i got i spent 50 dollars it was because all pieces came out of legendary collection i got the ones that were common but the head, the head i spent 40 dollars and 10 dollars on the rest so ya it depends on the rarity and what the thing says above me. the card shop i goes to sold me the cards and its the only one close by

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Q: How much is exodia really worth?
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How much is a exodia the dark master worth?

The card named 'Exodia the Dark Master' is a counterfeit card, and not worth anything.

How much is exodia the forbidden one limted edition MC1-EN001 worth?

The Master Collection Exodia is not worth much. Perhaps a few pounds or so.

How much is exodia's left leg worth?

not much at all it is a bad card

How much is all five pieces of exodia worth today?

Well the lob set is worth about 50 and other sets up to 30

How much is a sealed right foot Yu-Gi-Oh card worth?

right foot exodia five bucks

What is Exodia?

Exodia is a 5-piece monster that barely any card can defeat. Although it can be defeated if you have a REALLY strong card. 1 of them is unstoppable.

Is Exodia Necross better the Exodia?

Regular exodia is better in my opinion

How much money is darkly big rabbi?

There are only about 4 incarnations of Exodia, those are Exodia the Forbidden One (and the pieces of Exodia) Exodia Necross, Ultimate Forbidden Lord, Exodius, and Exxod, Master of the Guard. Darkly Big Rabbi and other such incarnations are fakes.

How much are Nintendo Wii 's really worth?

they are £400 in the shops but how much are they really worth !?

Exodia can be defeated by Mewtwo?

No Exodia in a battle with mewtwo it´s a draw with arceus Exodia lose

Who is Exodia The Forbiden One?

Exodia The Forbiden one is a limited cardit basicly 5 cards(left arm of exodia right arm of exodia left foot of exodia right foot of exodia and exodia the for forbiden one or exodia head)haveing all five card in hand is automanic win the head is ultra rare and the 4 other body parts are common(even thogh they arnt)

In YuGiOh why would you need to summon Exodia Necross when you need all 5 pieces of Exodia when you can just claim the victory with the five pieces?

Exodia's win condition is that all five parts are in your hand, while Exodia Necross' summoning condition is that all five parts are in your graveyard. It's much, much easier to get them all into the graveyard, than it is to have all five in your hand at the same time. So a deck based around Exodia Necross will try to put them there, rather than play to get them all in hand.