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The card named 'Exodia the Dark Master' is a counterfeit card, and not worth anything.

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Q: How much is a exodia the dark master worth?
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How much is exodia the forbidden one limted edition MC1-EN001 worth?

The Master Collection Exodia is not worth much. Perhaps a few pounds or so.

How much is exodia's left leg worth?

not much at all it is a bad card

How much money is darkly big rabbi?

There are only about 4 incarnations of Exodia, those are Exodia the Forbidden One (and the pieces of Exodia) Exodia Necross, Ultimate Forbidden Lord, Exodius, and Exxod, Master of the Guard. Darkly Big Rabbi and other such incarnations are fakes.

How much is all five pieces of exodia worth today?

Well the lob set is worth about 50 and other sets up to 30

How much are the Exodia cards worth?

The UBP1 secret rare set usually goes for about £25, and LOB Ultra Rare set goes for around that much too. Other sets are cheaper, especially common DB1 limbs, and Master Collection heads.

How much is master p worth in 2009?

How much is master p worth in 2009?

How much is a sealed right foot Yu-Gi-Oh card worth?

right foot exodia five bucks

What is exodia necross level 12?

Exodia necross is a dark spellcaster type monster with 1800 atk. it can only be summoned when all 5 pieces of exodia are in the graveyard. and yes it is beatable when summoned, it can be tributed, took control of and you can stun it's attack relinquish it's attack (pretty much anything else but destroy).

What would be a reasonable price for the five pieces of exodia?

5. Right arm of the forbidden one, left arm of the forbidden one, right leg of the forbidden one, left leg of the forbidden one, and exodia the forbidden one. Also exodia the forbidden one card gets powered up by every body part! If you don't believe me check it up on the yugioh wiki.

How much is master p worth in 2007?


How much is your cheer ghost dark master worth?

Less than one Australian dollar. The reason for this is because there is no such thing as a CHEER GHOST DARK MASTER in yugioh, unless you are looking at a counterfeit card. I think you must be thinking about CHEER CHOST DARK MASTER. Which is still not a real card. Try selling it on eBay for 5 AU. Maybe if you did this someone in the world would come along and buy it. Sorry to tell you this. :(

How much is a Sega master system 2 worth?