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It Depends Where You Buy It From, The Prises Are Below

Dicksmith, $269.00

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Q: How much is a used Nintendo DS worth?
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How much is a mint condition used Nintendo ds lite with 4 games worth?

this DS lite that you are talking is about $140

How much is a Nintendo DS worth in Malaysia?

1,000,000 yen

How much does a Nintendo DS cost with a camera?

it is called a DSI and it is worth about $200.00 + tax

Can Nintendo DS games be used in a wii?

no you can only use Nintendo games on Nintendo ds/Nintendo ds lite.

How much does a Nintendo DS weigh?

a Nintendo ds weighs 6554grams

How much does a used Nintendo ds cost?

$130 for a new one

How much is a used Nintendo DS?

It's about 70 to a hundred dollars.

How much money can you get for a used Nintendo ds lite?

$100 in GameStop

How much is a nintedo ds?

An Nintendo DS cost $129.99 and a Nintendo DSi is $169.99

Where can one buy a used Nintendo DS?

You can buy a used Nintendo DS at a GameStop store, which is available throughout the country. Though the place to get the best deals on a used Nintendo DS would be Craigslist where people can sell their unwanted things at much lower prices than retail stores.

Is a Nintendo ds i better than a normal ds?

it is the same but you can take pictures and record sound aswell. its not really worth getting if you already have a Nintendo ds.

How much does a Nintendo ds lite case cost?

A Nintendo ds lite costs £100