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It depends where you get them i boght mine at GameStop to make it cheaper there but there was a sale going on i'd say about 10-15 bucks! Or in really good condition i'd say 25-35!

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Q: How much is a Pokemon Sapphire game?
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How much money can you get from selling a Pokemon sapphire game at gamestop?

around £15

Where can you buy Pokemon Sapphire DSi game for your son?

Pokemon Sapphire is a GBA game - since a DSi does not have the GBA slot unlike the regular DS or the lite, it cannot play Pokemon Sapphire.

How do you get Squirtle in Pokemon Sapphire?

You can't. You'd have to trade it from a Pokemon FireRed or LeafGreen game to get it in Sapphire.

Get Ditto in Pokemon Sapphire?

You can't catch Ditto in Pokemon Sapphire, but you can trade it to your game from Pokemon Emerald/FireRed/LeafGreen

Can luvdisc evolve in Pokemon sapphire?

I don't think it evolves in Pokemon Sapphire or in any Pokemon game. Sorry to disappoint you if I did.

Can you duplicate Pokemon in Pokemon sapphire?

As far as the game goes, you can't duplicate Pokemon on Sapphire. Tried it and it glitched up.

Where can you get a mudkip in Pokemon sapphire?

from the Pokemon professor at the beginning of the game

Where can find a legendary Pokemon in Pokemon sapphire?

Bea the game

What Pokemon game has torchic as a starter Pokemon?

Pokemon Emerald,Ruby and Sapphire

Where do you find regigigas in pokemon sapphire?

You can't be cause Sapphire is a Generation III game and Regigigas is a Generation IV pokemon.

How do you trade Pokemon from Pokemon ruby to Pokemon Sapphire without game link?

You can't.

What are the rarest Pokemon in Pokemon Sapphire?

i think all of the legendary Pokemon in that game or someting