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As far as the game goes, you can't duplicate Pokemon on Sapphire. Tried it and it glitched up.

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Q: Can you duplicate Pokemon in Pokemon sapphire?
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How do you duplicate Pokemon in Pokemon Sapphire?

It can't be not duplicate your Pokemon your game boy save will be delete

Can you duplicate items in Pokemon sapphire?

if you want a Pokemon to clone and hold an item, you will just delete your profile.;)

How do you duplicate Pokemon in Pokemon sapphire version for the Game Boy advance?

=To duplicate first you must put the Pokemon you wish to copy in a box all a lone then save and turn of the game for a whole day=

How do you duplicate Pokemon in Pokemon Sapphire Version for the Game Boy Advance SP?

Well, in my opinion, you can duplicate Pokemon only in Pokemon emerald. I tried the duplicate trick on Pokemon ruby but it didn't work. If you want to duplicate Pokemon in emerald you have to go to the battle tower, save in front of the p.c, deposit the pokemons you want to duplicate, save again,withdraw the Pokemon you deposited,talk to the lady at the counter she will make you save as soon as it says"saving do not turn of the power" turn it off right away. vola!!!!!!!!!!

How do you get unlimited master balls without a game shark for Pokemon sapphire?

duplicate or you use action replay and write down the code

How do you duplicate Pokémon's on sapphire?

Go to prof. Oak he got a duplicate machine

How do you duplicate Pokemon in Pokemon platimum?

Im sorry you can't duplicate Pokemon in Pokemon platinum. You can duplicate Pokemon in diamond/Pearl or emerald the trade or migrate them to platinum though.

Whats the difference between a ruby and a sapphire?

Pokemon Ruby has Pokemon that Pokemon Sapphire does not and Pokemon Sapphire has Pokemon that Pokemon Ruby does not.

How do you duplicate Pokemon and items on pearl?

This is not possible without Action Replay. There is a code that can duplicate Items and Pokemon, but if you mess up on one of the steps, then your game might either freeze or turn off. So overall, it's very risky.

How do you duplicate master ball in hacked version of sapphire?


Where can you find Pokemon's mansion in Pokemon sapphire?

There is no Pokemon mansion in sapphire.

How do you duplicate Pokemon in Pokemon SoulSilver?

It's the same as any other game. Ditto+ Pokemon you want to duplicate (not legendaries)xthe Pokemon daycare= Egg. Hatch the egg and you either have a duplicate Pokemon OR the first evolution of that Pokemon.