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The PSP is ceased production,but you also could buy it online,about $120. There are many online mall sell PSP and other consumer electronics made in CHINA for very low price.I highly recommend you a awsome mall called Blmall that every product for free shipping :)

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Q: How much is a Playstation portable?
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How much is a black Playstation portable?

It is about $170

How much is a camera for a playstation portable?


How much is a PlayStation worth?

It depends on which kinds. There are multiple PlayStation Models including the:PlayStation 1PlayStation 2PlayStation 3PlayStation Portable (1000-2000)PlayStation Portable GoAnd also what condition it is in.

How much money is a PlayStation Portable Slim and Lite?


Has the Playstation Vita replaced the Playstation Portable?

Yes. Playstation Portable games are no longer being produced.

How much is the PlayStation with 5 games?

It depends on which PlayStation it is (1, 2, 3 or the portable one) plus the cost of each game.

How much does the portable PlayStation 3 cost?

There are the PlayStation 3 ($300), The PSP or PlayStation Portable ($130-160) and the PlayStation Portable Go ($200-250) and they all sell for different prices, but some of the current prices are listed after the item. There is also a new portable whose price has not been set that will be released for the 2011 holiday season

What is the difference between the blue Playstation portable and the normal Playstation portable?

The color.

When was PlayStation Portable launch created?

PlayStation Portable launch was created in 2004.

Is Sonic 4 On PlayStation PORTABLE?

no it is not there on playstation portable it will release on 11th february 2011

What is the best portable PlayStation?

Playstation vita

When will the PlayStation portable 3 come out?

Not yet, in fact, PlayStation Portable 2 (or Next Generation Portable, whichever takes your fancy) isn't even out yet, let alone PlayStation Portable 3!