How much is Sega mega drive worth?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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it is worth a pooy poo head just like you you fat head

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Q: How much is Sega mega drive worth?
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How much is a Sega Genesis worth without cordes?

A sega genesis is worth about 10$-25$ without the cords.

How much is Sega Saturn worth?

it's worth $30 ( that's what i think)

Did the super Nintendo and the genesis or mega drive separate playgrounds?

The famous console war (Super Nintendo/SNES vs Mega Drive/Genesis) did not separate playgrounds that much. There would be disagreements on video games, but video games did not have as much of an impact on people in those days. Most of the arguing during the console wars was between game development studios and Sega and Nintendo themselves.

How much is a Sega master system 2 worth?


How much is NBA Live 95 for the Sega Genesis worth?

50 cents...

How much is a Sega Genesis worth?

I happen to have a sega genesis in great condition. It plays well and nothing is wrong with it. I would have to say it has to be worth a lot more than $100. I say that accordidng to the condition of your sega genesis, that is how much it is worht.

How much is a Sega Megadrive worth?

Currently you can sell a megadrive for about £40' s on Ebay

How much money is worth of mega gyarados ex?


How much is a sega CD game system worth?

It depends on the condition. They tend to go for $25-$80.

How much money can u get from a mega charizard ex?

If it was real the card will be worth over 100

How much is a mega?

A mega is 2,000 grams

How much is the average salary for Sega?