How much gb does minecraft PC take?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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minecraft shouldn't take more than 1 or 2 gigs of free memory if you are not doing much(example, mining, idling on singleplayer)

If you are on a heavy traffic Minecraft server, or if you have a lot of mods, Minecraft could use from 4 to 10 gigs of free ram.

If you are asking about hard drive, it can be around one half to one gig of hard drive space.

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Q: How much gb does minecraft PC take?
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How many gigabytes does the Instant Structures Mod use in Minecraft?

Gigabytes?! It should NOT be much, unless it is a combination of 1,000s of minecraft mods. Minecraft mods take up very little space. Just be sure to have winrar or 7zip.

What are some good mods for minecraft and how much GB or KB will it take up?

Some good mods are Toomanyitems, xray, or the moon mod if you have 1.8. They do not have much GB either. They work better in MyCraft.

How many gigabytes does minecraft take up?

A little bit above 1 GB

How do you stop minecraft server crashing?

Fix your Java, for example if you have a 32bit pc, use 32java, if you have a 64bit pc, use java 64 bit, or clean out your cache and memory, minecraft needs to have good performace and good backup space (~1 GB)

How much GB does minecraft on the PC take?

As of yet Minecraft is ONLY a download, if your asking how much room it takes up after you download it then it starts around 20 to 30 Mbs then expands upwards to around 400+ megs and after a few months it could get over 1 or 2 gigs with all the different single player saves, mods, screenshots and worlds saves you may have.

How can you get Minecraft to stop lagging?

Depends on how much RAM you have if you have a good amount 6 gigabytes or more is pretty good for minecraft than you can search how to dedicate ram to minecraft. Or just watch this video...

How much memory do you need for gta iv PC?

16 GB is recommed

How many GB does minecraft take up?

Minecraft's recommended amount of specs is to have at least 1 GB of space, however the absolute bare minimum is 500MB. With 3 - 4GB's, you should be good to play on some higher settings!

How much data does call of duty black ops use?

12.00 Gb for PC

How much memory can I install on my PC?

It depends on the computer, but usually up to 4 GB of memory.

How much memory does halo3 take up?

it takes around 189-934gb It can't take that much. Most games for PC nowadays (FPS or RTS) take up from 6GB to >20GB. 934 GB is probably a random number, and as it takes up a LOT of room, PROBABLY isn't how much space any game can take up.

How much GB does call of duty black ops 3?

If you are talking about PC then it is usually about 10 to 15 gigabytes.