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The cost of buying a Wii nunchuck controller will vary depending on which country one is buying from. In the United States they can be purchased for around $20.

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Q: How much does it cost to buy a Wii nunchuck controller?
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What does a nunchuck does in a Wii?

It's a controller that plugs in the wii remote.

How much is a wii control?

The actual controller is around $40. The nunchuck is around $20.

Do you need a wii controller to play supers smash bros?

No, you can use the GameCube controller,wii nunchuck(with remote),and wii classic controller(with remote).

How much does a Wii controler cost?

most of the time you get one with the wii. But the individual controller usually costs about 20.00 usd.

Does the EA sports active accessory package include a nunchuck controller?

The package typically comes with the Wii itself, which includes the nunchuck controller.

What controller do you need for super Mario galaxy 2?

A Wii Remote and nunchuck.

How much does a Wii nunchuck cost?

The Wii nunchuck costs around seventeen dollars just about anywhere; Walmart, Gamecrazy, Gamestop, etc. etc.

Why do you need a classic wii controller for Harvest Moon Tree of Tranquility?

You don't need to have a classic controller you can use the wii remote and the nunchuck to move.

What controlers does the game Super Smash Bros Brawl?

You can use the Wii Remote/Nunchuck, the Wii Remote Sideways, The Gamecube Controller and the Classic Controller.

How much will the Wii U controller be?

About $60. The total cost for the Wii U and its controller is $180.

What accessories does the game naruto clash of ninja revolution 3 need?

Nothing,as long as you have a wii,wii remote and nunchuck or classic controller,or gamecube controller.

Does Goldeneye 007 Require a Controller Pak?

If you are referring to the Classic controller, than no. You can use almost any controller scheme to play this game, from the wiimote and nunchuck to the wii zapper, classic controller pro and much more.