How much does a pokedex cost?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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you downt have to pay at all. you get it when you start the game.

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Q: How much does a pokedex cost?
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How much Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond game?

151 sinnoh pokedex 493 national pokedex

What are good Pokemon FAQ sites?

serabi pokedex, national pokedex, Pokemon, and that's preety much all.

How much Pokemon to get the nationatl pokedex?

In D/P you need to have seen 150 Pokemon to get the National Pokedex and for Platinum you need to see 210 pokemon.

What happens when you fill the national pokedex on diamound?

you get your legendery pokedex!!!! you get your legendery pokedex!!!! you get your legendery pokedex!!!!

What pokedex is after the national pokedex?

there isn't, national is the final upgrade for the pokedex

What is the152 Pokemon on the pokedex?

Sinnoh pokedex- rotomNational Pokedex- Psyduck

How do you get Pokemon off national pokedex on diamond?

press switch pokedex on the national pokedex and you will be using the sinnoh pokedex

What number is chinchou on the pokedex?

Chinchou is number 170 in the National Pokedex, number 174 in the New Pokedex, number 176 in the Johto Pokedex, #181 in the Hoenn Pokedex, and number 147 in the Coastal Kalos Pokedex.

How do you get blaster Dex in pearl?

you complete your current pokedex to get the MASTER pokedex, not BLASTER pokedex, there's no such thing as a BASTER pokedex.

Do you have to have phione to comlete the national pokedex?

You need to for the National Pokedex, but not the Sinnoh Pokedex.

What is pokedex No152 in platinum?

in the national pokedex, it is chikorita, and in the sinnoh pokedex, it is rotom

What number is snowrunt in the pokedex?

In the national pokedex - 361 In the hoenn pokedex - 171 In case you're wondering, Snorunt is not in the sinnoh pokedex.