How much do wii remotes cost?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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about 20 bucks

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Q: How much do wii remotes cost?
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How much does a Wii cost with 2 remotes?

About $230.

What do Wii Remotes cost?

Wii Remotes cost $20 and can be bought online or at any video game retailer.It costs $50.about 20 bucks

How much does a Wii cost totally with all the remote and stuffs?

It cost about 500$ with two Wii Remotes and Nun chuks and one new game.

How much is just the Wii remotes?

The official Wii remotes retail (new) at around $15 or £10.

How much should I sell my 2 Wii remotes for?


Do you need a Wii to charge Wii remotes?

No, you need a wii remote charger, because it is not the wii itself that charges the wii remotes.

Are there wall chargers for Wii Remotes?

Yep, there are for Wii remotes that have rechargeable batteries.

Do Wii remotes come with rechargeable batteries?

Official Wii remotes and the third party remotes made by NYKO are not packaged with rechargeable batteries.

Does the Wii come with two remotes?

No. The Wii comes with one remote and one nunchuck. You can buy extra remotes and nunchucks seprately. I suggest buying Wii Play. It costs as much as a normal Wii game, but it comes with an extra remote.

How do you connect more Wii remotes on Wii music?

if your extra wii remotes are already synced to the wii you should press 1 and 2 together or A

How do you connect two Wii remotes on the Wii game Boogie Superstar?

You have to sync the two remotes on the Wii in order to connect it on the game.

How do you use the Wii without any Wii remotes?

Using a wii without any wii remotes is like trying swim a mile in no water. You can't do it.