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base power 100
accuracy 100
pp 10

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Q: How much damage does arceus' judgment move do on a Pokemon?
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What Pokemon learns the move judgment on Pokemon Soul Silver?

The only Pokemon that can learn judgment is arceus and if smeargle uses sketch.

What does the pokemon move Judgment do?

Judgement is a Powerful move used by Arceus or can be used through Metronome.I remember my Smeagle Using Metronome and it came out Judgement (I was AMAZED!).Anyway,When Judgement is used,it's type changes with the plate Arceus is holding,or depending on the pokemon's type.Example:If Arceus is holding the water plate or/and it's a Water type fighting a Fire type,Judgment will do a LOT of damage...A LOT!!!!!

Can you find judgment in POKEMON plantnum?

The move is learned by Arceus at lvl 100, but there is no other way

Where do you get the jugment TM on Pokemon pearl?

there is no TM judgment. only arceus lvl 100 can learn that move.

What is the difference between attack and special attack in Pokemon pearl?

Attack is the stat that determines the power of a physical move. sp attack is the power of the special move for example judgment does 100 damage but if the arceus has a higher attack than sp.attackthis move will only damage 100 rather than 145

What pokemon move is sketch?

Only smeargle can learn sketch.It copies the foes last move.If arceus uses judgment then smeagle can learn it!

Whay level does arceus learn judgment?

it comes with that move

What does the move judgment do?

Judgment attacks the opponent with whatever type plate that the user(Arceus) is holding

What does the Big Stone plate do in Pokemon diamond?

there is no big stone plate. if you give arceus the stone plate it will change color to fit a rock type and it will turn into a rock will say judgment is a normal move no matter what happens but it is always the type arceus is. for example if arceus is dragon type judgment is dragon type no matter what type it says judgment is

How does Arceus learn final judgment?

He learns judgment, there is no move such as final judgment, it was just a joke made up to emphasize the fact Arceus could kill anything and everything in one hit. It learns judgment at level 100. better just to hack it.

Can Palkia learn judgment day?

No, there is no such attack as "Judgment Day." Though if you're talking about Judgment, then no, it can't learn that. Only Arceus is able to learn that move.

What is the best move on Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers Of Time?

Probably judgement, which is learnt by Arceus at level 99! the type of the move depends on which type Arceus is.