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You will find this information by looking on the Grand Exchange.

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Q: How much are cooked apple pies worth on runescape?
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How much are cooked lobsters worth on runescape?

Cooked lobsters are currently worth 303 coins.

How much are cooked cakes worth in runescape?

You will find this information by looking on the Grand Exchange.

How much are cooked lobesters worth on runescape?

good question sometimes i sell uncooked lobby for money and i think cooked isn't much less so id say auround 300gp a peice for a cooked lobby

How much are cooked lobstrers worth on runescape?

It changes each day at the mo there worth about 400 odd, but uncooked lobsters are worth more (probably becasue people want the experience)

How much does trout heal in RuneScape?

Find out on ur own noob!!!On RuneScape cooked trout heals 7 hitpoints.

How much is a rem 260 worth?

i had to put rem but i think it means runescape i ment to put how much is my runescaPE ACOUNT WORTH LEVEL 260 oops caps

How much does apple pie heal runescape?

The Apple Pie heals 70 Life Points per slice on RuneScape. That is a total of 140 Life Points healed per pie.

RuneScape how much does salmon heal?

In RuneScape one salmon gives you 90 hitpoints back.

How much is bait worth on runescape in gp?

3 gp

How much is cheese worth on runescape?

check Grand exchange

How much is your runescape account worth with a total level of 1416?

It is against the rules to buy or sell RuneScape accounts.

How much is dragon armor worth on runescape?

its worth to much if some one knows how to get it i can get the level but i cant get gold i dont have much