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There are up to 9 possible zombie maps for the Black Ops- 3 come with the game 4 are from WAW and restricted to Hardened and Prestige games Ascension is in First Strike and Call of The Dead is in Escalation

First of you get Kino der Toten (cinema of the dead). The second map you get, you have to complete the campaign and you will get th second zombie map which is "Five". The Third zombie map is called Dead Ops Arcade which is kind of like an arcade game but u get a birds eye view of the player. To unlock this you have you have to complete the following steps. 1 - at the main menu continuely press LT and RT simueltainuously until you stand up. 2 - walk around the room and you will find a little computer, press X when you are standing in front of it. 3 - type in the code " DOA ".

So far there has not been any more news about any more zombie maps,but soon you will be able to buy the original 4 zombie maps from world at war, nacht der untoten , shi no numa , verucht , and der reise. You will be able to buy these from Microsoft or and you will get them for free if you buy the hardened r prestige version of cod blackops.

The 4 World at War maps are only available for the Hardened and Prestige editions of the game for Xbox 360 and PS3 and were never made for the PC or Nintendo. Available new Special Edition games are selling for $200 when they include the single use code for the 4 WAW Maps. In spite of rumors and wishful thinking they are not part of any DLC from Activision or Treyarch. There is also not some code you can enter to obtain the maps. They had to be changed to play in Black Ops and the original World at War map Packs will not work in Black Ops. The First Strike Map Pack and Ascension Zombie map is available for $15 for the PS3 Xbox 360 and PC only and a new Map pack Escalation with Call of the Dead zombie map will also be $15 only for the PS3 PC and Xbox 360 with the May 2011 release of the Xbox 360 30 days earlier than the June release for the PS3. There are no extra maps available for the Nintendo game systems

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Q: How many zombie maps will be in cod black ops?
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Can you get the cod 5 zombie maps for free if you bought them on Black Ops?

no i dont think so

Do any cod zombie maps have an end?

No zombie maps have ever been beaten

What does the Resurrection map pack include in COD Black Ops?

The 4 World at war zombie maps and the newer zombie map moon

What are the nazi zombie maps in cod black ops?

kino der toten five and dead ops

Can anyone Game share the cod 5 map bundle with me?

Do u have the black ops classic zombie maps

What are the maps in first strike zombies cod black ops?

Ascension is the only zombie map in First Strike

How do you get cod5 maps for Black Ops?

I got the cod 5 zombie maps by preordering the hardened edition. It comes with a code redeemable on the psn store

How do you get cod waw maps in black ops?

Rezurrection DLC will include the maps along with 5 new maps including zombie map Moon u have to buy the limited addition black ops game

How do unlock all the zombie levels on cod black ops 2?

to get more zombie maps, you need to get the fourth expansion pack, on GameStop it costs 15 bucks

How do you unlock cod zombie maps for free on wii?

By hacking.

Are the WAW zombie maps coming to marketplace for black ops zombies?

The Cod WaW zombie maps we're included in the hardened and prestiged edition of Black Ops. Currently that is the only way to posses these maps When Rezurrection is released for the Xbox 360 on August 23 2011 they will be included

Will COD Black Ops for the Wii ever come out with more zombie maps in the future?

No, you just need to understand that the Zombie Maps are aready released in Map Packs and the Nintendo Wii does not have them. Even the PS3 PC and Xbox 360 did not buy just the Zombie Maps but a DLC with one Zombie map and 4 Multiplayer maps except Rezurrection which also included the 4 WAW zombie maps. The WAW did not have any zombie maps for the Wii and The Black Ops map for the Wii was less that the maps for the PS3 and Xbox 360 because the Wii does not have there capabilities.