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almost exactly 6 years on may 17 it will be exactly 6 years old

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Q: How many years has minecraft been out?
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How many years has minecraft ben going on?

5 years ago

How many people are on Minecraft?

as of may 11, 2013, 10,450,125 minecraft accounts have been purchased.

How many years can you playnwhen you buy minecraft?

As many as you are willing to throw away.

Is Minecraft for 3ds?

No minecraft is not on the 3ds but there have been many ideas for it and I don't see why one day it could not be implimented.

What is the ip address for the Minecraft server Minecraft earth?

I think because the video was published 2 years ago, the server will have either been 1.) deleted 2.) Wiped (every server does this now and again) or 3.) been a private server meaning only friends can join not the general public. Hope this helps Source: played many minecraft servers and minecraft since "alpha" release.

How long did it take to build minecraft?

They have been making it for 7 years, from 2009 to 2016 as of today.

How many people bought the version of minecraft PC?

As of July 2016, 23,979,019 Minecraft PC/Java have been sold. That is an average of 13981 a day since Minecraft came out for PC.

What is the Minecraft called with the creepers in it?

It's called Minecraft... creepers have ALWAYS been in Minecraft.

When is there going to be eggs in Minecraft?

Not sure if you been playing the latest version of minecraft but for along as i have been playing (since alpha) there has always been eggs in minecraft.

Where can I find a quality minecraft game for my laptop?

I believe that has the best minecraft games out there. Personally, I love's games. All of them are a lot of fun! I have been a member for years now.

How long did it take to create minecraft?

Its been going for 2-3 years and they are showing no sign of stopping anytime soon!

Has Minecraft been released yet today may 9th?

Yes. In fact, it was released on Xbox today. However, the PC version has been out for several years.