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soil, of, S.O.S, foil, is, silo, floss

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Q: How many worlds can you make out of the word fossil?
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Re-arrange these letters to make a word ifloss?


How many syllables does the word fossil have?

Two, of course

Can you make a sentence for this word fossil?

They put the dinosaur fossil in the museum for everyone to see. They dug up the fossil and discovered it was a dog. She is very interested in fossils.

What 6 letter word can you make with the word floss?

I can't make six-letter words out of five letters. If you lend me an "i," I'll make "fossil."

Is worlds a real word?

Yes, 'worlds' is a real word.

How do you make up a sentence using the word nonrenewable?

Fossil fuels are nonrenewable resources.

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The word worlds has one syllable.

What is a sentence for the word fossil in it?

i dug up a fossil

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There are no flowers that rhyme with the word worlds.