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4-letter words

acme, acne, aeon, agin, agio, agon, amen, amie, amin, anon, ante, anti, atom, cage, cain, came, cane, cant, cate, cent, ciao, cine, cion, cite, coat, coin, coma, come, cone, coni, conn, coon, coot, cote, emic, emit, etic, etna, gaen, gain, gait, game, gane, gate, gent, geta, gien, gnat, goat, gone, goon, icon, inia, inti, into, iota, item, mace, mage, magi, main, mane, mano, mate, matt, mean, meat, meno, meta, mica, mice, mien, mina, mine, mini, mint, mite, mitt, moan, moat, mono, moon, moot, mote, mott, name, naoi, neat, nema, neon, nett, nice, nine, noma, nome, nona, none, noon, nota, note, ogam, omen, omit, once, onto, otic, otto, tace, taco, tact, tain, tame, tang, tate, team, teat, tent, time, tine, ting, tint, titi, toea, toga, toit, tome, tone, tong, toom, toon, toot, tote

5-letter words

acing, acini, actin, agent, agone, ament, amice, amigo, amine, amino, amnic, among, ancon, anent, anime, animi, anion, antic, atone, attic, cameo, canoe, canon, canto, cento, coati, cogon, coign, comae, comet, comte, conga, conge, congo, conin, conte, conto, cotan, cotta, enact, entia, gamic, gamin, gemot, genic, genii, genoa, genom, giant, gnome, gonia, icing, image, imago, imine, imino, inane, incog, ingot, inion, ionic, macon, magic, magot, mange, mango, manic, matin, matte, meant, menta, minae, mince, mongo, monie, monte, motet, motte, motto, niton, nomen, nomoi, nonce, nonet, oaten, ocean, octan, octet, omega, onion, ontic, tacet, tacit, taint, tango, tanto, tecta, tenia, tenon, tigon, tinct, tinea, tinge, titan, togae, toman, tonga, tonic, tonne, totem

6-letter words

acetin, acting, action, aeonic, agonic, aiming, aminic, amnion, ancone, anemic, anoint, anomic, anomie, anting, atomic, atonic, camion, canine, caning, cannie, cannot, canton, cation, cattie, cinema, citing, cogent, cogito, coigne, comate, coming, congii, conine, coning, cooing, cootie, coting, cottae, cotton, eating, enatic, encina, enigma, eonian, etamin, gamine, gannet, gitano, gnomic, gnomon, gonion, goonie, gotten, iceman, ignite, incage, incant, incite, income, ingate, inmate, innate, intact, intent, intima, intime, intine, intone, ionone, macing, magnet, manioc, manito, mantic, mating, mattin, meting, mignon, mining, minion, miotic, mitten, mongoe, mooing, motion, naming, nation, niacin, nocent, noetic, nomina, nonage, noncom, nonego, notate, notice, noting, notion, octane, octant, omenta, oomiac, otitic, tamein, taming, tannic, tenant, tieing, timing, tining, tinman, tinmen, titian, titman, titmen, toeing, togate, tomato, tomcat, toning, toting

7-letter words

aconite, actinon, agnomen, amniote, amotion, ancient, anionic, anteing, antigen, atoning, canting, catmint, catting, centimo, coagent, coaming, coating, cognate, coinage, coining, coition, comitia, coniine, connate, connote, contain, contemn, content, coontie, cottage, emoting, emotion, enation, encomia, gametic, genomic, gentian, imagine, imitate, intimae, ionogen, iteming, magneto, mannite, matting, meaning, megaton, meiotic, mention, mincing, mintage, minting, mitogen, mitotic, moaning, moating, montage, montane, mooning, mooting, negaton, nematic, netting, nicotin, nictate, nongame, nonmeat, octagon, omening, ottoman, taction, tangent, teaming, tegmina, tenting, tetanic, tinting, titanic, titmice, toiting, tomenta, tonemic, tonetic, tongman, tongmen, tonnage, tontine, tooting, totemic

8-letter words

amitotic, amnionic, amniotic, cameoing, canoeing, citation, cogitate, cognomen, coinmate, conation, cotenant, emitting, enacting, enticing, gnomonic, inaction, incitant, incoming, intimate, intonate, magnetic, magneton, mannitic, menacing, mitigate, monecian, monition, monotint, negation, nicotine, nominate, nonimage, noontime, notating, notation, noticing, ointment, omitting, oncoming, taconite, tainting, tincting

9-letter words

antigenic, antinomic, cognation, cognition, cognomina, contagion, cotangent, cottoning, enigmatic, geomantic, incognita, incognito, manicotti, mentation, mitogenic, monogenic, motioning, negotiant, nictating, nonatomic

10-letter words

cogitation, gemination, gentamicin, incogitant

11-letter words


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Q: How many words can you make with the word metacognition?
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How do a make a sentence with the word metacognition in it?

I demonstrated metacognitive awareness as soon as I saw the word "haands". I know it is spelled "hands".

How many phonemes are in the word metacognition?


What is the origin of the word metacognition?

The word "metacognition" originates from the prefix "meta-" meaning beyond or transcending, and "cognition," which refers to the mental process of acquiring knowledge and understanding. Together, metacognition refers to the awareness and understanding of one's own thought processes.

What is the word for Thinking about the way you think?

I think you are thinking of the word metacognition.

How do you pronounce the word metacognition?

The word "metacognition" is pronounced as "meta-kog-NISH-un."

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What are two synonyms for the word metacognition?

Self-awareness Self-monitored learning

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