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Words that I can make from the word sword are:

  1. do
  2. or
  3. ow
  4. rod
  5. row
  6. sod
  7. sow
  8. word
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Q: How many words can you make out of sword?
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How do you get a king sword on runescape to keep?

If you mean the blurite sword, before you complete the quest, drop the sword, and give the dwarf more ores to make a sword. he will make you one, and then you pick up the other sword you dropped. you can do this as many times as you like, but it is not worth doing because it is weaker than a bronze dagger, and is untradeable. i hope this answers your question.

How many different words can you make out of the word wordsmith with 5 letters or more?

WORDSMITH dorms, dirts, dhows, smith, sword, throw, throws, trows, third, thirds, trims, worth, whist, width, widths, wroth, words

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How do you make uber falcon sword?

falcon sword + metorite bracer

Can you make a blurite sword in RuneScape?

You can make a Blurite Sword in RuneScape as long as you are completing the quest The Knight's Sword. After you complete the quest you cannot obtain the sword again as you cannot trade the item with other players.

How many words can you make from the make?

Words that can be made from the letters in MAKE are:aammame

How do you make a enchanted sword on minecraft?

Have a sword. make an enchanting table. Have levels. Put the sword in the enchanting table. Click a available enchantment. BOOM a better sword. Bookshelfs gives you better enchantments for higher levels

Is it possible to place a sword in a stone by heating the sword?

No because if you do that when you put the sword on the rock it ain't gonna make a crack

How many words can you make from flights?

Words that you can make from 'flights' are:figfightfishfistfitflitgiftgiltgisthihishitIifisitliftlightlistlitshiftsiftsighsightsiltsitslitthistitil

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You can make 17 words from meateatatamematemattamteamtameteaatemametaammettaeta