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Q: How many video games are bought in the US?
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How many video games are there in the US?

Answer there are 102373 violen video games in the us

Do UK Nintendo wii games work on us Nintendo wiis?

Actually they don't because they are REGION LOCKED. This means it can only play video games from the same country or region that it was purchased from. If you have a US bought console you will have to buy US/Canadian games. If you had a UK bought console you would only be able to play UK games.

How many people play video games in the US?

72% of the U.S. plays video games according to i could not find the date, but it seems pretty recent. Hope I answered your question.

Can PS3 games bought in US run on a PS3 bought in Saudi Arabia?

No they can not

How many children in the US play video games?

Proboably about every single one of em'

What are facts about South the US?

Video Games

Can you play Nintendo 3ds games bought in Ireland on a Nintendo 3ds Console bought in the US?

No, 3DS games are region locked.

Wwho many Dragon Ball Z video games are there?

It is a total of 10 US Dragon Ball games and 5 import dragon ball games

What is the purpose of a movie trading company?

The Movie Trading Company was originally a US store chain that bought, sold and traded VHS and DVD movies as well as games. It was bought by Blockbuster Video in 2002. The purpose of a generic movie trading company, however, would be to distribute, for profit, movies that have gone to video, whether new or second hand, and possibly also trade in games.

Could US Wii games bought in the US be played in a Wii console bought in Europe?

no, it is a different format to the European one

Can you play NTSC PS3 games on a pal PS3 console i.e.. games bought on the US on a console bought in China?

Yes dear you can.

Wii bought in US work in India?

Yes it will work in India as most video games handle both 110v and 220v but cant be sure about games because India is PAL and US is NTSC.