How many super heroes exist?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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absolutely none, or as many as people have imagined(depends on whether you mean in reality or in fiction)

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Q: How many super heroes exist?
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When did Gunstar Super Heroes happen?

Gunstar Super Heroes happened in 2005.

Are there real life super heroes?

no there are not real life super heroes, but there are super heroes like policeman, fire-fighters, and more. super heroes like dardevil, batman, night-wing and ones that don't have powers can be super heroes, but they won't be strong like the ones in comics and movies.

How many super heroes where created between 1940-45?


When was Gunstar Super Heroes created?

Gunstar Super Heroes was created on 2005-10-06.

When was The Marvel Super Heroes created?

The Marvel Super Heroes was created on 1966-09-01.

When did The Marvel Super Heroes end?

The Marvel Super Heroes ended on 1966-12-01.

When was The World's Greatest Super-Heroes created?

The World's Greatest Super-Heroes was created in 2005.

Is sonic heroes 2 on the wii?

Sonic Heroes 2 does not exist.

What are the release dates for Legion of Super Heroes - 2006?

Legion of Super Heroes - 2006 was released on: USA: 2006

Where can one find the different types of lego super heroes?

Lego Super Heroes are now sold in several different stores. Target, Walmart, and Toys R Us all sell different types of Lego Super Heroes. Lego stores offer a large variety of Lego Super Heroes as well.

When did super heroes become important?

super heroes became important when people where haveing alot of problems so they needed help