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It' s faster than others, for me it hatched after 1457 steps.

I got mine after 2480 steps, but it was more because i just had it on Pokemon platinum, i used action replay and not Pokemon ranger. -Michael K.

mine was on platinum and it took exactly 2573 steps. -Emmy c.

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Q: How many steps does it take to hatch the manaphy egg in Pokemon pearl?
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How many steps does it take to hatch manaphy in Pokemon pearl?

it takes 2747 steps.

Does the manaphy egg in Pokemon pearl hatch when it is in the Pokemon computer?

No, its like any other egg, a certain amount of steps taken are needed for it to hatch

When does a egg from Pokemon hatch?

The Manaphy Egg event can be triggered at any time. This can be done by connecting the Pokemon Ranger game to your Pokemon main-series game. This only works on Pokemon versions Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold and SoulSilver. You can then receive the Manaphy egg from a certain NPC.

How long does it take for a manaphy egg to hatch?

the egg hatches manaphy since manaphy and phione are different pokemon. it takes about 5000-10000 steps

Is there a chance that Manaphy will hatch if it is not traded from Pokemon Ranger?

No manaphy can't hatch without trading in to Pokemon diamond or pearl. The reason why is all eggs need to be in a trainers pack. Basicly all eggs need to get battle experience to hatch.AnswerI have had the Manaphy egg in my Pokemon Ranger game for well over a year and nothing particularly happened. But, notice in the game, Professor Hastings will say to you that the egg needs to be traded to Sinnoh to hatch. This is concrete proof that the Manaphy egg will never have any chance of hatching in Pokemon Ranger. no the longer you have it on ranger it just takes less steps to hatch after its traded to pearl diamond or platinum

In Pokemon pearl how many steps dose it take to hatch a Eevee?

It takes AT LEAST 9180 steps to hatch an Eevee.

How do you use fast hatch Pokemon pearl?

Most legendary Pokemon can't be hatched, but a manaphy and rotom are the only legendary Pokemon the can have eggs. You hatch them by having the egg in your party, and you have to walk somewhere between 2,000-9,000 steps. Note: The manaphy egg will only have a Phione and not a manaphy

How do you hatch an egg on Pokemon Pearl?

all Pokemon have a different amount of steps for the egg to hatch. if you them to hatch run back and forth. it will say "what?" and then ur Pokemon will hatch. it will be lvl 1.

How many steps does it take to hatch a meowth egg?

It takes about 4789 steps to hatch a meowth egg.I've hatched one in Pokemon Pearl.

How hatch the egg in Pokemon Pearl?

To hatch and egg in D/P walk around with it. The amount of steps needed depend on the Pokemon type.

How do you hatch the manaphy egg after transfer to Pokemon diamond?

put it in your party, then it should hatch if it didn't hatch then you need to walk 10,000 steps. If it still didnt hatch feed your highest level Pokemon 17 poffins and your lowest Pokemon 2 rare candies. Thankyou for reading

On Pokemon Pearl what Pokemon can hatch a egg?

This answer applies to any and all Pokémon games. No pokemon actually hatches an Egg. You need only to have it in your party and walk around with it to hatch it. The rule of having one pokemon at all times is so that you won’t make a little Egg fight a wild pokemon. However, Pokemon with the ability Flame Body or Magma Armor will halve the number of steps required to hatch the Egg.