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Its around 40 000 steps. Remember to level it up in the daytime, it won't evolve if you level it up at morning or night. If you want to be safe, 45 000 steps is a good number.

You can also check its happiness by going to eterna city and getting the happiness checker by a girl in the pokemon center. if you tap on budew and it

has 2 big hearts floating over its head, it will evolve.

You can also use the Soothe Bell which will boost it's happiness (Halving the time needed)

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Q: How many steps do you have to walk with a budew until it evolves in Pokemon diamond?
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How many steps does it take to hatch a skorupi egg on Pokemon diamond?

5355 steps.

How many steps does it take to hatch an egg in Pokemon Diamond?

It depends on the Pokemon you are hatching.

How do you evolve your Pokemon?

When you battle you get exp and when you get lots of exp your Pokemon will level up when your Pokemon get to a surten level the Pokemon will evolve (the level that it evolves on depends on the Pokemon) some Pokemon though you might need to get special stones for them to evolve E.G the water stone is needed for lombra to evolve. Budew is a special Pokemon if you want her to evolve into Roselia you will need to get up your friendship with her and then she will evovle you get yourfriendship up with Pokemon by just walking when you have taken a surten amount of steps she will evolve. Hope i helped

How many steps to make a egg hatch on Pokemon Diamond?

About 10,000 steps. If you don't believe, then check your Pokemon handbook (instructions booklet).

How many steps does it take to hatch a happiny egg in Pokemon diamond?

i think it matters what Pokemon you have like if you have Pokemon like magby you walk less steps but if you don't have Pokemon like magby you walk more steps[1ooo i guess]

How long does it take a Tentacool egg to hatch in Pokemon Diamond?

about 7,000 steps

Where do you go after going up the steps in mt.cornet in Pokemon Diamond?

Next floor

Where is the jublife tv station in Pokemon diamond?

Start in front of Pokemon center in jubilife city,then 6 steps left,19 steps up, 10 steps left,6 steps up,and go in.

Pokemon Diamond egg steps happiny?

it takes some more than 10000 steps to hatch an happiny egg

When does the egg from Riley hatch on Pokemon Diamond?

You have to have the egg with you and walk several thousand steps.

What level do budew evolve?

Budew levels up only when it is happy and during the day. To get your happiness rating to max you should always keep it in your party, keep it at 1st and don't let it die. Just keep levelling it up and eventually it will love you and evolve

How does budew get full trust?

budew evloves thru hapiness it took my budew a long time though, you walk i think 276 steps the happyness +1 healling items +5 fainting -1 poffin +5 max out the happiness to evolve