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There are exactly 7,239 santa hats, and the average amount of Party Hats is that there are 3121 P Hats out there, Not including Jack Bulb who has 413 Party Hats.

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Q: How many santa hats are left in runescape?
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How many Santa Hats were released in Runescape and how many still exist today?


How many party hats are left in runescape?

About 500 if you add all the colors together. They have gotten quite rare these days.

Where can you buy a Santa outfit?

you can buy then from online shops and costume shops. Many supermarkets sell Santa hats but not suits. :)

How do you make party hats in runescape?

It's not possible. They are rewards from awhile ago. Many phats were from long-outdated hacks too.

How many hours left for santa?

789 hours

How many Christmas Crackers are left in Runescape?

The answer would probably be impossible to find out, sorry.

Exactly how many partyhats are left in runescape?

No one knows the answer to that, probably not even Jagex themselves.

Who is RuneScape's richest player?

Many think of Chessy018 to be the richest but a recent video uploaded by a long time player of runescape known as Pker Tdm, shows otherwise. He shows his bank which holds 82 crackers and many party hats and other rares. There are also a couple videos of him trading people crackers.

How many days are left for RSorder free 100m 07 RuneScape Gold Flash Sale?

The sale is over.

How many hats does queen elizabeth own?

all the hats she wants

What type of ladies hats does the House of Fraser stock?

There are many types of hats at the House of Fraser. This store in the United Kingdom sells silk hats, fancy hats, party hats, satin hats, and decorative hats.