How many rounds does a minigun shoot?

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A Minigun can shoot on average 2300-3000 bullets per minute. That means it can shoot about 38-50 bullets per second. It shoots so fast, on Myth-Busters (a show on Discovery Channel) they cut down a tree by shooting for a little less than a minute.

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Q: How many rounds does a minigun shoot?
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How many rounds a minute does a Minigun shoot?

The U.S. Minigun is the fastest shooting gun in the world (I may be mistaken). It shoots over 3,000 rounds per minute (RPM)! That's 50 rounds per second!

Which gun can shoot 2000 rounds a second?

Well, to my knowledge, there isn't one, but there is a machine gun that can shoot approx. 300 rounds per second; the M-134 minigun.

How many rounds does a vulcan minigun fire per second?


How many rounds per minute can a Minigun fire?

The fire rate of miniguns starts from around 2000 rounds per minute and minigun that has the fastest rate today shoots close to one million rounds per minute.

How many bullets does a minigun hold?

The minigun shoots 6000 rounds per minute, that is 100 bullets a second, so it does have about 1000-10000 bullets

How many bullets per second can an super power machine gun shoot?

What is a super power machine gun? The fastest firing weapon today is the minigun, which shoots from around 100-150 rounds/second.

How many rounds does the warthog shoot per minute?

65 rounds a second and as many as 500 rounds in a burst - there is no "per minute"

How many bullets does a mini gun shoot per minute?

I assume you mean the M134 Minigun - but the term is also used with other powered Gatling Guns. The M134 has a selectable rate of fire from 2,000 to 6,000 rounds per minute.

How fast does a minigun shoot?

It depends,the firing rate---1000-6000rpm

How do you kill the minigun guy in army of two 40th day?

you shoot the red ammo pouches on his back and you got yourself a temp minigun

How many rounds are there in olympic archery?

There are 4 rounds in archery, and each round, a player get to shoot 4 times.

How many rounds can a M134 minigun fire every second?

The M-134D and M-134DT fires 50 rounds every second, or about 3,000 rounds per minute. Meaning the six barrels rotate up to 1112 RPM in half a second.

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