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7 pounds

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Q: How many pounds does the ps3 slim weigh?
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How much does PS3 slim weigh?

11 pounds.

How much does the 120GB PS3 weight?

The Slim PS3 weights just over 7 pounds

Which is cheapest PS3 os PS3 slim?

they're both the same but cheaper i'd probaly say the slim its way more you get with it to fro around 250 pounds

Which lasts longer PS3 or PS3 slim?

PS3 slim

Xbox 360 slim vs PS3 slim?

PS3 slim

How many friends can you have on the PS3 slim?

The max is 100 for both the (PS3 slim and the fat PS3), it used to be 50 though. ,iiGrAviTy

Are ps3 slim better than xbox?

Ps3 Slim.

Why does the PS3 slim overheat?

The ps3 slim doesn't overheat

Is a PS3 or PS3 slim better?

Ps3 slim is much better! More attractive!

How much does a PS3 game weigh in lbs?

The PS3 Slim 120 GB model's weight is Approximately 7.055 lbs (3.2 kg) and the Dimensions are Approximately 11.42" (W) x 2.56" (H) x 11.42" (D) (290mm × 65mm × 290mm)

How many controllers is the PS3 Slim compatible with?


Which one is more powerful the PS3 or the PS3 slim?

The original PS3 is "technically" superior. But, the PS3 slim consumes less power, and is smaller. There isn't as much heat with the slim... Personally, I prefer the Original PS3 over the slim.