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there are 25 apps for the poketch.

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Q: How many poketch apps are there in pearl?
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How many poketch apps are their?

there are 21 poketch apps

How many pokecth apps are there in diamond?

there are 20 Poketch in diamond and pearl there are 23 if you action replay

How many poketch apps are there?

There are 16 poketch apps in the whole game.

What is poketch number 21?

there is only 19 poketch apps

If you do the cheat for the ds action replay all apps for poketch does that mean you also get the poketch?

no,but when you do get the poketech you will have all the apps

How do you get all the poketch apps in Pokemon pearl when i did get it i connot find it?

you can find all of the poketch apps in jubilife city but you have to of completed all of the gyms before you can get them all. first you have go to jubilife city. 2 you have to go to the tv room.3 you have to talk to the guy next to the counter.

In Pokemon diamond pearl how many poketch aps can you get?


What are the 21 poketch apps?


How do you get all poketch apps in diamond?

find them

What are the poketch apps?

The poketch apps are different things you can access on your poketch. Like, you can write a note to yourself, do a heads or tails coins toss, look at the time intalled on your ds,ect.). If you want to go through and use your apps, if you have diamond or pearl just simply touch the touch screen, or if you have platinum version just touch the buttons on the bottom screen to do the same thing. Poketch apps are actually very useful throughout your who journey, so talk to anyone you can, and comlete tasks because you'd be surprised where you'll find some, take it from me. Good luck on your long journey. =3

How do get poketch 23 for pearl?

Poke Tech 23,24,and 25 are all obtained through Nintendo Events. For a list of all the Apps go to:

Were do you find the calculator on pearl version?