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Q: How many players can be in attack of the toybots wii?
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How do you get jenny in Nicktoons attack of the toybots Wii?

To unlock Jenny in Nicktoons Toybots for Wii, first play as Tak in the factory 3 zone at entry point 5. You must beat all of the evil toys in the Master Model Chamber and that will unlock Jenny.

How do you get Gir in Nicktoons attack of the toybots Wii?

You just have to keep getting charries in the factory zone until you have the one thatcan save him

How do you get through entry point 4 factory zone 3 in nicktoons attack of the toybots Wii?

you have to roll by pressing B+Right on the nuchuck

What are the release dates for Nicktoons Attack of the Toybots - 2007 VG?

Nicktoons Attack of the Toybots - 2007 VG was released on: USA: 3 September 2007 France: 9 November 2007 UK: 9 November 2007 Australia: 15 November 2007 Japan: 20 December 2007 (Wii and DS versions only)

How many players on the Wii?

Most Wii games can have up to 4 players for local play.

How many wii controllers for band hero?

It depends on how many players you have, but at the most 4 Wii remotes.

How many players can you have in he video game Madagascar 3 for Nintendo Wii?

Two Players

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How do you attack on Sonic unleased on Wii?

shake the wii remote to attack

How many players can play Avatar the Last Airbender into the inferno Wii?

Maximum of two players

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