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Originally there were 4.

Juggernaut (allows you to be hit 3 times before dieing.)

Speed Cola (makes you run, reload, and build gates faster than normal)

Double Tap Rootbeer ( gives your guns rapid fire. It also allows you to pull the tigger faster on non-automatic guns; pistol, china lake, ect)

Quick Revive (This perk changes depending on what game type you are playing. On solo mode, once you go down you become armed with 2 pistols that shoot exploding bullets and after 10 seconds you are automatically revived. If you are playing with teammates this perk will allow you to pick up downed teammates faster)

In late 2011 a new perk was added to kino der toten

Mule Kick ( which allows you to hold 3 weapons)

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Q: How many perks are in kino der toten?
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