How many people watch pokemon?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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20 million people and counting

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Q: How many people watch pokemon?
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How many children watch Pokemon?

At least 10000. But I dont watch it.

Where can you watch pokemon videos?

You can watch Pokemon videos (episodes) on It is the official Pokemon website. You can watch FREE Pokemon episodes and do all sorts of Pokemon related activities.

Whear can you watch Pokemon?

You can watch Pokemon on channel ten at 6:00

Were can you watch Pokemon?

\ you can watch Pokemon on cartoon network at 9:00 am! (everyday)

Where to watch Pokemon episodes on an iTouch?

You can watch Pokemon episodes on the IPod Touch on Youtube.

What pokemon can you find with the pokeradar in Pokemon Pearl?

it depends were you are... people say you can find shinys with it! you need to watch a tutorial first cause it is hard...

How many people watch Good Luck Charlie?

Many people

How many people watch full metal alchemist?

Alot of people watch Fullmetal Alchemist.

How many people watch The Walking Dead?

11.5 million people watch this zombie serious!

How many people watch xfactor?

2 people

How many people trade Pokemon in Pokemon emerald?


Is it childish to watch Pokemon?

It's kind of childish to watch pokemon, yes. But to play the game, no.