How many people play mw2?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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thousands of people trust me and if you get online it tells u how many people r playing online and that's a pretty big number

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Q: How many people play mw2?
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How many people still play cod MW2?


What is better Medal of Honor 2009 or modern warfare 2?

Yeah. It is. Check how many people play MW2. No-one play medal of honor.

Can you play MW2 on the internet?

on the internet as in what we are on now, no, but you can play online with other people on your gaming console

How old should you be to play MW2?

You have to be 16 to join the army but to play mw2 you have to be 18

Can you play online with people that don't have the same console as you in MW2?

no ps3 must play ps3 etc

What has better online play for Wii Black Ops or MW2 for?


How you play two player on the level museum in MW2?

you carnt do mw2 campain two player

How do you get mw2 on xperia play?

you dream it and it appears

Do you capitalize presidency?

no but i play mw2 on ps3

What is a game like millsberry that you can play?


Can you play MW2 on the PS2?

no the game is not for PS2

Can you play MW2 on a PSP go?

you cant play mw2 on psp or psp go even if you have wireless network on it because they dont sell the game for that