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I think its about 150-200


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Q: How many penguins make a full server on Club Penguin?
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How do you get on to a full server on Club Penguin?

This is impossible unless you have a certain type of computer, and you can get into a full room.

How do you find famous penguins on Club Penguin?

Try looking in full servers. There the best placesYou wait and look through the telescope

Club penguin how do you access your account?

go to then press start.then you see username and on username then type in your penguins name.then click on password and type in your password.then press LOGIN IN!!then click the server that you want to be on.but some servers might say full that means to many penguins are on it so you cant go on it.

Why does your club penguin user name show p and numbers?

When you first make a club penguin account, you have the letter p and then numbers. That is because, when you first start, your full name will not be revealed. Club Penguin had gotten issues from other penguins that had not been safe. Because of that, they give you a nick name, and when you start playing for a few days, they will understand that you are not a UNSAFE dude and they will reveal your name after that. P.S. Club Penguin rocks!

How do log your penguin in Club Penguin?

When you go on to club penguin it should say play now Press that then it should say play. if there is not a penguin saved the log-in screen will come up if there is a penguin saved at the bottom it says log in as different penguin you press that and log in screen comes up. When you have done that it will load and tell you what server to go on you can chose whatever u want the more green bars the more people if it says full u cant go in if there is a smiley face (yellow) it means a buddy is on line that server

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How do you login to a full sever on Club Penguin?

Due to a glitch, in 2008 you could get into a full server on club penguin but now club penguin has fixed that glitch. Thus, now you can't get into a full server on club penguin.

How do you get on a full server on Club Penguin?

you can't

How do you get into a server that is full on Club Penguin?

Wait until it is not full.

What server is never full on club penguin?

There is none.

On club penguin why does it say that the server is full when it has one bar?

The server crashed.

Why is the server zipline aways full?

Zipline is always full because its the most popular server on Club Penguin.

How do you get on to a full server on Club Penguin?

This is impossible unless you have a certain type of computer, and you can get into a full room.

On Club Penguin how many penguins can a room hold until full?

i think between 20 and 40 and 50 penguins can make a room full.

On Club Penguin how can you get on a server when its full?

haha!u simply have to log off and then log on again to see if it is not full

Why can't you get into a server on club penguin that is not full?

because there are to many on it because if we could go on one that is full your computer would lose track so that is why you cant go on a full server.

How do you get into a full server in Club Penguin?

you can't unless you use a cheat version of club penguin like penguin storm. I say you don't do it because they steal your user name and password. they banned me forever!!

How can you get into a full room on Club Penguin?

To get into a full server, you would have to use Club Penguin Storm. Then you press empty servers. Scroll down, then press what server that is full you want to go on. You NEED to scroll down to pick a server. If the server was full and you wanted to go in it before you scrolled down, you can do that.